What a relief they were manatees. I was scared for a moment they could be sharks.


This is my first post on my blog and I wanna tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a beach and a tournament. At the beach there was the most tranquil water you could imagine. The water was also pretty cristal although not entirely. There was a father and his three daughters swimming but nobody else was in the water yet since most of us had just arived and were setteling in and preparing for a very long day when, while speaking with my mother and some friends, I looked out to the water and saw something come out and go back in. Quickly, I said it to the group and one of our acquainted said there were often dolphins in the area. By the impression of what he told i tried to look for a fin but what I saw next drew a croud that had wide eyes and many video recordings. They were infact manatees. Two of them that had been coming by to say hello to the beach tournaments spectators. Once the father and his girls noticed there was something in the water they swam away to shore in fear later realizing they were sweet mammals relaxing on the beach with us.

It seemed nobody wanted to get in the water still a bit spooked. But when they did everybody took a safe distance making sure not to come too close to the manatees for fear of scaring them and general respect to wild life. I felt happy knowing people were being respectful to the animals, even if in part it was channelled by some fear although these animals pose no threat, since they are a species that need lots of care and protection due to their picky needs in terms of survival in an environment.